At PCYC NSW, we offer competition gymnastics classes for kids and teenagers who have a background in gymnastics and are interested in taking their skills to a competitive level.

By joining a competition gymnastics class at PCYC, your child will learn the critical skills they need to perform against other gymnasts and in front of judges. Even if your child is already well-versed in the fundamentals of gymnastics, learning how to compete against others requires a different way of thinking.

At PCYC, your child will polish their existing gymnastics abilities and learn how to incorporate them into a routine that will impress competition judges. They will also have the opportunity to train on different apparatuses and figure out where their strengths are -- whether it’s on the floor, bars, beam, or vault.

As your little gymnast works on their strength, conditioning, and technical skills at PCYC, they will also develop a strong work ethic, a team-oriented mindset, and a sense of self-discipline. Not only will these valuable learnings help them as they enter the world of competitive gymnastics, but these life lessons will also stick with them for years to come.

Under the careful guidance of experienced PCYC coaches, your child will be able to improve their gymnastic ability in a safe and nurturing environment.

PCYC NSW is the largest provider of Gymnastics in the state. PCYC is accredited by Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW, giving young gymnasts the opportunity to train for the skills they need to thrive in the world of gymnastics. Our coaches will ensure that your child is safe as they perform routines and use the gymnastics apparatuses.

At PCYC New South Wales, we have been empowering young people to reach their potential since 1937. We help children and teenagers get active within their communities, allowing them to develop critical life skills and build their character. PCYC is a registered charity and training in gymnastics at PCYC supports the work we do.


Costs vary depending on level.
Costs vary depending on level.
Womens Competitive Gymnastics - Invitation and Selection only. Cost is dependent on level and number of classes attending. Please make an appointment with reception to see the coach.