We pride ourselves with finding the right people for our staff that suit our core values, including our volunteers and venue users. See our friendly team below:

Club Manager

Joanne Tau

Youth Case Managers

S/C Siobhan Butler
S/C Joel McMullan

The Dream Team

Steven Ruaporo – Senior Activities Officer (School Engagement + Holiday Camps)
Tom Vakai – Youth Worker
Rodney Williams – Head Trainer (Boxing)
Dean Mazoudier – Boxing Trainer
Johnson Brougham – Junior Boxing Trainer
Brayden Mathews – Boxing
Rilpou Wathwei – Front Desk
Lailah Bevan-McInnes – Front Desk
Teresa Simonka – TOIP and SDC Co-ordinator
Michael (Blue) Simonka – SDC Facilitator
James Whiff – Judo Instructor
Andy Tyloo – Learn to Play Basketball Coach

Club Advisory Committee

Dragoljub (Draz) Drkljac (Club President)
Sana Ruaporo
Charlie Burke
Legen Hale