Throughout the year, PCYC NSW runs a number of exciting events, both at a state-wide, and a local level.

Our events are a chance for our members and communities to come together and celebrate, fundraise, and engage in sports competitions, and challenges! Events also provide an opportunity for young people to try something new.

Stay in touch, and keep an eye on the PCYC Armidale Events page for updates on what's happening this year, and to book tickets to support your PCYC.

Open Dance Classes Free of charge!

PCYC Armidale is offering Open Level Dance Classes for all young people!

Learn how to dance to your favourite songs and how to understand music and rhythm. We will learn new skills and widen our knowledge of the dance world. Through weekly sessions we will get better step by step and combine choreography and freestyle to be able to dance and move in every situation.

Come along and have fun!