Is your little one constantly on the move? Take advantage of their endless energy and curiosity by enrolling them in a mini movers class at your local PCYC NSW.

During a mini movers class, your child will complete a number of physical exercises, intended to teach them essential motor skills that they will need as they grow up and start exploring the world. They will learn critical principles of movement, such as balance, jumping, running, and hand-eye coordination.

Not only will these skills be useful when your child begins to play sports, but they will also give them an advantage in day-to-day life. Plus, mini movers classes are tons of fun for little ones, who get to run, climb, and explore in a safe environment (with mum and dad close by).

At the same time, your child will also get to socialise with other kids around their age. During this vital period in their development, they will begin to understand how to interact with people outside of their immediate family. As a parent, you’ll be able to chat with other mums and dads who have children around the same age as yours.

Joining a mini movers class at PCYC doesn’t have to be a time-consuming commitment for your family. Since these classes are designed to capture the attention of your active toddler, they’re generally less than an hour long and packed with enough stimulation and activities to keep your little one entertained.

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Independent walker - 5 yrs
$7 per session
$7 per session
10:00am - 10:45am
A general movement and activities class for toddlers to work on their gross motor skills, coordination and fundamental movement skills. We will be using various soft equipment and working on our balance, stability and reactions to improve the overall body movement abilities and skills.

The parents should be present for the duration of the class to assist their child while participating.