PCYC offers a range of activities to suit all school sporting requirements. We provide quality, spacious facilities, experienced coaching and tailored curriculum based programs to suit years kindy right through to year 12.

Our aim is to provide you with a diverse array of quality activities that in turn provide support to your school and teaching staff.

Activities that PCYC clubs can offer as part of your sport program include (but not limited to): Ball sports (various), Gymnastics, parkour, Gym + Fitness, dance, mindfulness, martial arts and boxing. Activities can be uniquely tailored to your students, schedule and additional requirements!

The benefits of utilising PCYC for School Sport include:

  • The ability to cater for large numbers of participants at the same time
  • Delivering a wide variety of different sport
  • As a non-for-profit organisation we can offer affordable activities to suit school budgets
  • All indoor space so you will never have to cancel sport due to poor weather conditions
  • Sport programs covering curriculum outcomes are met, which will assist teaching staff with their programming and assessments
  • Fully supervised by instructors to allow teachers flexibility to complete other work during sport time
  • All areas are climate controlled, heated and cooled (select Clubs)

In order to better support your teachers, our programs skills are linked to curriculum outcomes which can then aid their reporting requirements.

The diverse array of sports that PCYC is able to run throughout our facilities will also assist your teachers in ensuring learning outcomes are met. We will ensure participants are exposed to concepts of:

  • Fundamental and specialised movement skills
  • Locomotor skills (travel, rhythm, body control, coordination, safe landing, agility, direction, object locomotion), e.g. rolling, sliding, jogging, running, leaping, jumping, hopping, dodging, galloping, skipping
  • Object control (body positioning, rotation, force, distance and precision), e.g. striking, passing, catching, trapping, rolling, bouncing, throwing, kicking and dribbling an object
  • Stability/body control (spatial and effort awareness, balance, coordination), e.g. static balance
  • Sequencing/combination skills, e.g. Connects a variety of skills to perform movement
  • Sequences, transitions from one skill to another
  • Interpersonal skills to complete a movement task, e.g. a partner balance, partner passing strategy or team strategy
  • Working collaboratively with team members to maintain possession in a game
  • Modifying physical activities to ensure that everyone is included, e.g. changing equipment, rules or playing space
  • Identifying situations where it is appropriate to adopt a role and take on responsibilities to solve movement challenges
  • Applying basic rules and scoring systems, and demonstrate fair play when participating in physical activities, for example:(ACPMP050)
  • Collaborating to decide rules for a new game
  • Contributing to fair decision-making in physical activities by applying the rules safely and appropriately
  • Recognising fairness and inclusion in a game situation, and propose strategies to promote these actions

Contact your local PCYC Club today to discuss how we can cater for all of your sporting needs