With a full range of cardio and pin loaded machines, free weights and functional training zone.

PCYC North Sydney is dedicated to offering the best gym and fitness options in the community. As a community-based gym, we want to be able to cater for all fitness levels and budgets that will give you the right balance of training and motivation. The club also offers a free orientation of our equipment and facilities by one of our qualified trainers.

Come in to speak with one of our friendly staff members for a free tour!

Adult – $30.00 per fornight
Concession – $22.00

Adult – $660.00
Concession – $485.00
Student (14-15years) – $330

Adult – $80.00
Concession – $55.00
Student (14-15years) – $30.00

Adult- $14.00
Concession – $10.00
Student (14-15years) – $8.00




High Intensity Interval Training – a fast paced workout incorporating resistance and body weight exercises with rest intervals – a system to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels fast! Beginners fear not; we work to the clock so you can go at your own pace and not be left behind, we all start and finish together.

For boxers and sports players this is a fantastic workout to improve your maximum fitness output and lactate threshold to increase your power endurance and recovery time, very specific to most competitive sports.


A periodized sprint program to improve your VO2 max and lactate threshold. Basically the intervals used will make you a lot fitter, faster! Ideal for those playing sport, need to improve their road running, and need the motivation to push themselves with a supportive group. Similar to the HIIT classes but the focus is slightly more heart rate and recovery based.

Meet on the grass in front of the Planet X podium (directly opposite Carlow Street) – if raining indoors at our hall in PCYC.

Oly Lifting

Learn the olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) and power alternatives for maximum power output. Strength, speed and mobility are the key fundamentals you’ll learn; plus strength through the hips, back and core. Some level of resistance training is recommended.

For those keen to focus on weightlifting, Sam will provide a tailored periodised program for you to train up to 5 times a week.

Strength Fit:

More resistance based these workouts are designed to strengthen your lean muscles and add some strength to your joints.

Learn new lifts to improve your strength, posture and movement.

Tailored reps, sets plus ASSISTANCE exercises are prescribed to each individuals, to cater for those with special injury, sporting, or and movement needs – I’m here to fix you not break you!

Breakfast Circuits

Dynamic Movement Training techniques to train you through all movement planes of your body to ensure strong, stable performance through your legs, core and arms. We don’t stop (okay a quick break for water when you need) and keep your output high as we move through Strength, bodyweight, and Core exercises to maximise your functional output and train you from head to toe.

For those interested there’s always a few who head off for breakfast afterwards – highly recommended for those new to the area and looking to meet some new people

There are a couple of ways to access SQUAD classes, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Fortnightly Direct Debit – $70.00 per fortnight
A convenient fortnightly direct debit, which will also gives you unlimited access to the gym and the ability to attend our Amatuer Club Boxing classes, and attend as many SQUAD classes as you want.

10 Visit Pass – $150.00
If a membership is not for you, you can purchase a 10 visit pass to tten any SQUAD class. Dont pay for more than 3 classes per week, so your 4th class or more is FREE, between a Monday -Sunday cycle.

CASUAL ENTRY – Gym/Boxing Members – $15.00 per class, Non-Gym/Boxing Members – $20.00 per class
Just want to do a class here and there? Then casual options are available too.

All particpants must hold a current PCYC Club Membership.
Youth – $10.00, Adult (over 18)- $25.00.