PCYC Auburn is dedicated to offering the best Gym and Fitness options for the community. We strive to cater for all fitness levels and budgets, providing education, motivation and of course quality equipment.

We have the tools and experience you need with over 60 machines, free classes, coaching and personal training options to help you achieve your training goals. The Gym is located inside the PCYC facility, between Auburn and Lidcombe, right next to the netball courts at Wyatt Park.

Our gym is guaranteed to get you moving towards a fitter, healthier you with over 15 classes, great quality equipment and a friendly atmosphere with trainers always willing to help. There’s something here for all, no matter the goal.

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Fitness Passport is now accepted here at PCYC! To use this, all you need to do is come down to the facility, fill in the required gym paperwork, then you’re good to go. All Fitness Passport users must  have a valid PCYC membership.



We have classes running Monday – Friday to suit all fitness levels. Get some class variety into your life with Yoga, H.I.I.T, Boot-camp, Strength and Conditioning PLUS Pilates! All classes are run by our awesome instructors with the sole purpose of getting you to where you want to be both fitness and composition wise.


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Personal Training

If group fitness isn’t for you, or you prefer an individualized approach,  our personal trainer Ross is here to help. Ross has completed his cert 3+4 in fitness and also has a bachelor in health science. Interested? Ross is offering new gym members a FREE personal training consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Contact Ross on 0411 045 779 for more details!


PT Kick-Starter Pack


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You can find us at Church st, Wyatt Park Lidcombe. 

Contact us on 94753100 or message us through social media for more info