Workplace Giving – why is it worth it?

Workplace giving is one of PCYC NSW’s most successful fundraising projects and one that thousands of employees use to support our work.

We thought these observations might be interesting:

New Australian research examines the giving habits of young Australians at work (extract)

By Evelyn Liu, Henry Wells, Connor Taylor, Tiago Schmidt and Fiona Siu

Workplace giving, the all-encompassing definition of contributions of money, time, skills and in-kind support donated by employees of an organisation to a charity or social cause is a familiar concept to most Australians. Annually Australians donate more than $90 million through workplace giving programs (WGPs).

A recent study by SEEK, the Australian Charities Fund and the Social Impact Hub analysed the giving habits, motivations and attitudes to workplace giving of over 170 young private sector employees.

The Social Impact Hub research found that 15.4 percent of young Australians surveyed reported that they were unsure as to whether their organisation had a WGP.

In corporate environments, where technology is increasingly being used to maximise engagement with employees, organisations must look towards using innovative channels to drive awareness and promotion around workplace giving opportunities

Existing workplace giving participants valued the convenience and tax effectiveness of the program, having their preferred charity included, their donations matched and being able to see the impact they were making as a team. By comparison, some of the least popular motivations included workplace pressure and personal recognition within the workplace.

Among non-donors, knowing where their money was being spent, their level of income, confidence that selected charities had been screened and donation matching from their employer were the main motivations.


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