Why youth leadership is so important

Why youth leadership is so important

In today’s fast-paced world, there is so much going on that takes up children’s attention. From social media to video games to social lives, kids today face constant stimulation, and their focus is often taken up by their screens and devices.

However, there are also many excellent school- and community-sponsored programs that children can join to learn useful life lessons. At PCYC, kids are encouraged to learn skills such as accountability and teamwork by participating in sports, hobbies, and mentorship programs.

The organisation encourages young people to reach their full potential. Through PCYC programs, kids engage in character-building activities and become active in their local communities.

Here are five reasons that young people should be involved in leadership activities such as those sponsored by PCYC.


It teaches responsibility

Between school, friendships, and their home lives, children face many pressures as they grow up. You want your child to learn the tools to deal with these challenges gracefully. Getting involved in a youth leadership program empowers kids to learn the responsibilities that life hands them.

Giving a teenager small accountability goals in school and after-school programs helps build self-confidence. For instance, if your child signs up to play a sport or instrument, put him or her in charge of small details to develop responsibility. This can be simple — even being accountable for packing the right equipment for a match or practice.


They participate in healthy hobbies and activities

Especially during school holiday breaks, young people can end up with a lot of free time. Being involved in youth leadership programs is a healthy way to spend this time, rather than watching TV, playing video games, or exhibiting risky behaviours.

Prevent your kids from getting restless after school and during holiday breaks by signing them up for activities through organisations like PCYC. These types of activities foster beneficial bonding time for young people to connect with their peers and mentors. Whether they’re participating in sports, arts, or community programs, children and teenagers will greatly benefit from joining.


They learn teamwork

Teaching your child, the value of teamwork is another essential task as a parent. One of the best ways to impart this lesson is by getting them involved in team activities early on in their lives and offering them the experience to achieve goals as part of a group.

Depending on your child’s interests, you can enrol them in group sports such as soccer, rugby, or netball. Or if they would prefer non-athletic activities, you can sign them up for theatre and drama, music programs, or arts and crafts classes.


It benefits mental and physical health

Everyone knows that exercise is beneficial, especially for growing children. Not only does it build stronger bones and lower their risk of obesity, but it also elevates their mood and puts them in a happier mindset.

Finding a sport or fitness activity that your child loves is an excellent way to set them up for a leadership role. To get better and work their way into a leadership role within their chosen sport or activity, they will need to dedicate themselves to hard work.

These days, there are so many different physical activities that kids can participate in, including boxing training, gymnastics clubs, and martial arts competitions.


It can be added to their CV and university applications

For older kids who are looking for jobs or preparing for university, leadership programs can be added to CVs. They show potential employers or schools that your child has the strong skills associated with leading others, including accountability, dedication, and a team mindset. As a result, developing these valuable leadership skills as a young person can have long-lasting impacts on the rest of their life.

As a parent, you’re always thinking about your children’s growth and development. Youth leadership programs provide so many benefits and are an excellent way to teach your kids essential qualities such as responsibility and teamwork.

If you live near Sydney, your local PCYC is one of the best places for your children to learn these valuable life lessons — and now is a great time to join. Right now, you can spring into select PCYC clubs for just $5 for your first month! Learn more and apply here today.