What your children can gain from PCYC

We all want good things for our children. We’d like them to discover their talents, succeed in their pursuits, and live a happy life. We’d also like to equip them with the skills to earn a living. Most of all though, we want them to make the most of their youth, enjoying their childhood and embracing positive experiences. We can’t always choose their friends, but we can find them healthy places to hang out. Places where they can network with helpful people and pick up skills that will serve them for years to come.

One such place is PCYC. We have 64 clubs in NSW. Our boxing clubs in Sydney has produced world champions like Anja Stridsman and Satali Tevi-Fuomaono. Boxing is great for energetic kids, developing both their physical and mental muscle. We have lots of other sports, including wrestling, gymnastics, court sports and martial arts. If the kids want something even more adventurous, they can explore roller derby or rock-wall-climbing.

Academic support

All children can benefit from a little academic help. A number of our clubs have a homework program where trained tutors can help the children to study and do their assignments. We encourage all our kids to take up an extra-curricular activity. With so many activities on offer, they’re sure to find one that they will enjoy.

Another benefit is socialisation. All of our activities require the kids to mingle. They can learn teamwork through group sports, or healthy competition in individual options. Your children will acquire different skills through their chosen activity, such as discipline and sportsmanship. These shifts in attitude often spill over into other areas of their lives.

Discovering resident artists

While we provide well-equipped gyms and lots of conventional sports like netball, basketball, tennis and more, PCYC isn’t just for athletes. We have programs for creative kids as well. Our music department has song-writing lessons and opportunities to lay music tracks. We also teach drum, guitar, piano, and violin in a number of clubs. The kids even have the opportunity to showcase their skills on band nights.

If your kids’ needs are little more specific, we can cater to them too. ‘Mermaid’ children might enjoy participating in water sports training. Other high-intensity offerings include skateboarding and dance – we have a dozen dance genres, from hula to tap. And we have a strong component of inclusive activities for all kids. With all these opportunities and more, we’re sure we can keep your kids happily occupied.

To offer your children the benefits of active minds and bodies, call us on 02 9625 9111 to find a local PCYC club near you.