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It’s the fly through of our proposed state of the art facility. Enjoy!

Posted by PCYC Wagga Wagga on Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The $23 million dollar facility will provide the region with a first class sporting venue making up part of regional NSW’s premier sporting precinct at Bolton Park. PCYC will host a wide variety of activities and programs for every sector of the community. PCYC NSW has a particular focus on providing the youth of the region with a safe and fun environment to participate in organised sport and recreational activities or to simply hang out with friends.

Expanded presence

PCYC will have the capacity to provide an inviting facility that is estimated to be open from 7am to 9pm and beyond. This provide Wagga’s youth a safe and secure environment for an extended duration of each day.

It is conservatively estimated that, through the increase in facility size and quality, more than 200,000 people will use the new centre annually.

The limitations of the current site

Due to the age, condition, size and location of the existing club, PCYC is restricted in its ability to deliver further activities and benefits for the Wagga community. Our limited activity space is running at full capacity during afternoons and evenings which prevents us introducing new sport and recreational activities for our community members.

Seasonal temperature fluctuations during also hinder our programing ability. PCYC wants to be easily accessible for young and be available as a “drop-in” facility for our community’s youth; we are unable due to the location of our facility. To remain relevant to the community and offer young people the range of activities they desire, our club requires more space which is safe, comfortable, compliant, practical and assessable.

Programs and activities

PCYC tailors programs and activities to meet the needs of the local community and engage people from a broad cross section of the community. We currently conduct organised sporting and recreational activities, out-of-school-hours care and driver education, youth leadership and community holiday programs.

We also share our facilities with other groups, including sporting organisations and those helping youth at risk, young offenders, people with disabilities, the indigenous community, residents from non-English-speaking backgrounds and people from low socio-economic backgrounds, providing activity space and meeting rooms for a low-cost fee.

Two PCYC police youth command case managers (YCMs) operate from our premises, case managing up to 12 young offenders or youths at risk of offending at any one time.

Our YCMs, in partnership with the Wagga Wagga local area command, regularly conduct programs with youth at risk or young offenders targeting certain crime types that are relevant to our community. These programs have led to decrease in the mount of crime committed across the Wagga Wagga local government area.


PCYC Wagga Wagga will be the lead facility for indoor sport, gymnastics, martial arts and boxing. Activities may include basketball, indoor netball, futsal, indoor hockey, volleyball, roller derby, various martial arts, boxing (junior, amateur, professional and boxing for fitness), group fitness classes, disability sports and school sport programs.

Concept Plans

Conceptual view from inside indoor courts

PCYC Wagga Concept Design - Courts

Conceptual view from inside foyer

PCYC Wagga Concept Design - Foyer

Conceptual Plan – Ground Floor

Plan Ground Floor

Conceptual Plan – 1st Floor

Plan First Floor