Some of the values learnt by young PCYC members

Our younger PCYC members often reflect on the values that they gained through activities like gymnastics and programs like the Project Rebuild.

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These values learnt are varied, and all stem from PCYC’s top line commitment to empowering young people and preventing crime against young people or by young people. PCYC provides a safe and positive alternative to the streets. Through sports, activities, fun and Police programs PCYC supports kids to reach their potential and instil important values that will last for the rest of their lives.

Some of these values include:


Sport is a big part of Australian culture, and it has incredible potential in its ability to help kids commit to tasks and self-improvement. As our coaches are fond of noting, not many people achieve success without strong and consistent commitment. Kids involved in sport generally pick up the importance of this quite quickly. They see the athletic achievements of their peers and appreciate that success in sport requires a strong commitment to training and health.

This lesson is one that, of course, transcends sporting activities and sets a framework that promotes success in all areas of life.


Athletes come across the pressures of competition frequently – and there are bound to times when it’s hard to get up and keep going. At times injuries, illness and challenges with friends or family can bring down a person’s game. Resilience comes from the knowledge learnt through the experience of bouncing back from these harder bouts in life. This lesson of self-management is an important one that teaches us mental resilience and fosters a sense of optimism.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

-C.S. Lewis-


We learn many of our core values from the people around us as we are growing up. The importance of positive role models in the lives of young people cannot be understated.

PCYC ensures that all coaches and program leaders are there to lead with integrity – showcasing a value that will assist young people in developing their own sense of integrity. A value that they will likely carry with them for life. Our ‘Fit For Life’ program for example has gained amazing results in installing a sense of pride around acting in all situations with a sense of integrity.


PCYC mentors know that by respecting our young people we are helping to teach them how to respect themselves and others. This is important because having respect in our relationships with family, school friends, teachers and so on, helps build a sense of safety and trust in our day to day lives. Respect also comes with acceptance – accepting people for who they are and respecting the differences between people. PCYC activities like boxing don’t just challenge people physically they also build up self-respect and respect for their training partners.


Our Blue Star program is specifically aimed at teaching our youth how to be a good citizen in their community. It’s is a youth development and leadership program created by PCYC to assist in creating “Young leaders for tomorrow”. Kids are involved in motivational workshops and get the opportunity to meet other young people from all over NSW.

The program provides practical, real-life skills that can, in turn, be applied to employment, family relationships and ultimately teaches them the value of citizenship as they move forward to become key members of their communities.

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