Payroll Deduction Program

The initiative of many employers, a payroll-donation program allows staff to make an easy, regular donation to their chosen charity, such as PCYC.

The charity must have deductible gift recipient status with the Australian Tax Office. To check whether a charity is a DGR, visit

For employers, a payroll giving program offers the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the work of PCYC, through a direct tax-deductible donation from the employee’s pay.

For PCYC, it’s a great way to raise long-term, regular funding.

PCYC’s payroll donation program is one of the longest-running and most successful programs in Australia, with more than 800 businesses throughout NSW contributing regularly to support PCYC’s work with young people.

Launched in the 1950s and led today by Sergeant. Peter Gerrie, the program attracts supporters from small business to large corporations, all keen to support PCYC’s work with young people.

Most staff donate $1 to $2 a week, direct from their pay

For inquiries, please speak to Peter on (02) 9625-9111.

Q & A

The employer must have a payroll-donation program in place. Any employer with staff can start a program.

Your employer must put some simple steps in place. A good place to start is guide to workplace giving or phone Peter Gerrie at PCYC, on (02) 9625-9111.

No, as donations only come through your payroll payments. People who are paid weekly will donate weekly, those who get paid monthly donate monthly.

If your employer agrees, you can make one-off payroll donations.

No, but your employer can set some rules. Some employers set a minimum of say $2 per pay; others may have no limitations. But donations must be $2 or more to be tax deductible.

Most people who make a donation will see a tax benefit in their pay, but if you donate only a small amount, you may not get a tax benefit until then end of the year when you claim on your tax return.

Everyone who donates through payroll donations must claim the total amount of donations in their tax return. You must do this regardless of whether you have been getting pay-day tax benefits for your donations.

Your employer will let you know how much you have donated over the year in some written form or it will be printed on your payment summary (group certificate).

No. PCYC does not keep or record any information at an individual level. If this information is not on the payslip or the group certificate, the best and most accurate source is from your payroll department.

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.
NSW Office of charities authority to fundraise: CFN11892
Also refer

No. Our payroll donation program is entirely voluntary. You do not have to donate if you do not wish.

This choice is normally made by the employer and staff at the beginning of a program. Often, the more charities there are, the more complicated it becomes for payroll staff.

Your employer will usually set some rules. Some may ask you to commit to six months of donations because more frequent change become expensive to administer.

No. The ATO advises that charities should not receive any details identifying individual donors without the donor’s written permission. PCYC normally receives a single payment from the employer on each payday.

With payroll donations PCYC receive regular income without having to issue individual receipts, saving time and money. This means little or no administration cost and 100 per cent of donations being used.

We recommend the Australian Tax Office’s Guide to Workplace Giving.
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