Bequest Circle

The Gift of a safe place to belong

Have you ever wondered how a PCYC NSW program can transform someone’s life?

Your gift can transform the life of a child forever


A gift in your Will is the greatest commitment that you can make to empower the lives of children and young people, especially those at-risk of being influenced by a life of crime.

The costs of housing just one young person in juvenile detention across any given year is in excess of $490,000 – $1,344 a day. History shows us that more than sixty-six per cent of young people who commit crimes will re-offend within the first twelve months if they do not receive the care and support, they need.

Since 1937, PCYC has been able to demonstrate that when the Police have a positive engagement with a child at-risk, via sporting and recreational activities, that these life-changing encounters can empower young people to go on and lead a positive and independent life.

In fact, did you know that many of the PCYC NSW Club programs are made possible thanks to people like you, who have left a bequest to PCYC NSW Ltd in their Will?

Over the years, charitable gifts received by bequest have helped to support thousands of disengaged young people to make empowered decisions and to go on and live the life that they choose.

A bequest is one of the most effective ways you can help to ensure the future success of the PCYC NSW

A charitable gift via bequest can take a variety of forms including:

  • Residue: The remainder of your estate after specific gifts have been made
  • Percentage: This can be a percentage of the residue of your estate or a percentage of your entire estate
  • Asset: This could include real estate, shares, bonds or other articles of value
  • Pecuniary gift: A cash amount. You may consider including an adjustment to account for inflation


We appreciate that this is a personal decision and so we recommend that you take the time to discuss your wishes with your family and loved ones, and to receive the proper legal advice.

How to ensure your donation is received by the PCYC NSW:

The Police Citizens Youth Clubs operate is several states throughout Australia. In each state, the PCYC has a specific Australian Business Number. It is therefore very important to use the correct wording to ensure your gift is received by the Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW Ltd (PCYC NSW) if this is where you want your donation to be received. PCYC NSW is registered with the ACNC.

Please use the following as a guide:

“I GIVE to the POLICE CITIZENS YOUTH CLUBS NSW LTD ABN 89 401 152 271, for its general purposes and free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes,

  • The whole (or x%) the residue of my Estate; OR
  • The sum $; OR
  • (details of specific assets e.g. shares, life insurance policy, real estate and objects)

for which an official receipt from the PCYC NSW will be a sufficient discharge of my executor.”

Alternatively, you may wish to stipulate that your gift be applied to a specific program or purpose to support future works.

Regardless of the size of the gift in your Will, your loving contribution will be greatly valued because it will ensure that when a child is at-risk, they will have somewhere safe that they can belong, and receive the necessary support and assistance that they need.

More information

Would you like to know more about leaving a gift to PCYC NSW in your Will?

Request an information pack now by contacting our General Manager of Strategic Partnerships on 1800 777 292 (1800 77 PCYC) or email

Inform us of your gift and join our Circle program

It will assist our planning to know that you have included the PCYC NSW in your Will, so that we can discuss any specific wishes you may have and invite you to join our new PCYC Bequest Circle program in honour of our founder Commissioner William John MacKay. This also gives us the opportunity to recognise your generous support as we should. Your contribution will not only benefit the lives of youth at-risk, but it can inspire other like-minded supporters to do the same.

Your Will is your last testament of your wishes and your chance to make a lasting expression of what you have valued throughout your life. By donating to the PCYC NSW in your Will, you are making a statement on the importance of protecting children and young people at-risk of a life of crime.

Since 1937, special gifts from dedicated supporters like you have ensured that thousands of young people have had the opportunity to be empowered to fulfil their potential in a safe and engaging custom built youth Club facility.

Thanks to your support, PCYC’s journey of youth empowerment will continue.