Small ways to give back to your community

Doing something for your local community can be rewarding in many ways, and there are plenty of local organisations that are very much in need of extra funds and volunteers to help them.

Some of the benefits of ‘giving back’ are:

  • It’s a great way to connect with friends and other people in a shared activity
  • It’s a great experience to learn how to work in a team and follow-through on a project
  • It allows you to be creative and come up with ideas that can help your community
  • If you have any ongoing issues of depression, community work can help relieve this as it gives you a sense of purpose and belongingness.

Most importantly, getting involved is lots of fun!

5 Easy ways to help your community

Have a fundraising BBQ 

Hosting a barbeque for the general public can raise substantial funds to help support one of your local organisations, such as nearby schools. Some of the larger retail businesses may allow you to run the BBQ from their premises.

Fund-raising BBQs are a popular way to raise money, so make sure you book a date early for your event, as you may have to wait a few weeks for your turn to use the venue.

Join PCYC’s Blue Star Program

PCYC does not just offer activities like boxing and gymnastics. We also provide our Blue Star Program, which gives you the chance to volunteer at PCYC.

You will be able to attend our special camps which teach you leadership skills, how to work in a team and be an effective volunteer. You will then be given a chance to help at one of our PCYC clubs.

Hold a car washing fundraiser 

Get some of your friends together to have a car-washing event. Most petrol stations may allow you to use their forecourt if the event is for a good cause, or the local community center car park?

Visit your local nursing homes 

Giving back to the community does not always have to be about fund-raising. Many people in nursing homes need company and love to chat with people of a different generation.

They will be invigorated by a good conversation from someone outside of the nursing home. Plus, you can learn a great deal from mature-aged people about what their life experiences have been and what life was like in earlier times.

Keep Australia tidy

If you don’t want to get involved in anything that requires lots of organisation, simply picking up litter wherever you go. Other people and your friends will see what you’re doing and be inspired to do the same. By doing this, people will feel ownership of their outside spaces and be motivated to make them as beautiful and tidy as possible.

You can also get involved in some of the organised community clean-ups that occur every year throughout Australia. For example, Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held annually, where there are planned activities all over the country for one week every August.