Six benefits of sports for your children

Organised sports for children is a great way to get your kids active, healthy and fit. From boxing training to football training there are many benefits to kids participating in team sports.

Six benefits of playing sport

  1. RESPECT – children who start young, will grow up learning to respect their teammates, coaches, officials and their opposition; children also learn to follow the rules.
  2. DISCIPLINE – sports, any sport – contact or non-contact – show children that control, by playing by the rules, is a valuable thing to learn. Doing wrong and incurring penalties will only set you back.
  3. TEAMWORK – there is no “I” in “team”. Organised sports show children how to work with their teammates so they can achieve a common goal.
  4. PROTECTION – it’s through organised sports that children learn not only to protect themselves but to also protect their teammates and their opponents.
  5. ORGANISATION – children have to learn to be on time, to take care of their equipment and to organise among themselves how to succeed, to be at training, to practice. Organised sport is an excellent way for them to learn organisational skills and responsibility.
  6. CONFIDENCE – Organised sports can help improve a child’s self-image and confidence, it also teaches children that they can only grow by putting in the hard work, the practice, the time and effort if they want to succeed.

Children will also benefit from that regular exercise and activity. Team sports and physical activity will also increase a child’s overall health and well-being.

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