School holiday activities offered by PCYC

The school holidays always seem to come around before you know it. Finding the perfect school holiday activity for the kids tends to take lots of planning, so these next school holidays why not consider your local PCYC Club and make it easier on yourself.

The school holiday activities you can find in your local PCYC Club can include cooking, science, basketball, Zumba, circus, soccer, netball, dance, mini Olympics, yoga, fencing and archery amongst many others. The activities differ from club to club, but with so many choices, it’ll be hard to pick just one. PCYC clubs are tailor-made for primary and high school aged children, so they’re a good way for the kids to try out a new activity.

Some of the benefits of trying a new activity during the school holidays include:

1. Developing new skills

Children can learn fundamental values like teamwork, respect and following rules by participating in active pastimes with their peers. As a result, children can learn better ways to cope with life. Developing social skills by being involved with other children and adults will also help build self-confidence.

2. Improved self-esteem

When children achieve success from doing something they love, you can expect confidence to grow. During exercise, the release of endorphins and serotonin can make you feel good too.

3. Exploring different interests

The thrill of discovering a new passion is exciting at any age. Providing kids with lots of opportunities to experience different pastimes is the way to go.

4. More social opportunities

Sometimes you need to bust out of your social circle. Giving children the chance to meet new like-minded friends can mean the difference between days filled with fun and laughter or meh. The possibility that these can become long-lasting friendships makes then even more important.


These school holidays why not try some of these traditional and novel activities:

  • Dancing offers creative expression. The meteoric success of shows like Dancing with the Stars is proof that dancing is timeless. Children as young as six can shake it off in the name of fun.
  • Boxing is an oldie but a goodie. This traditional sport has survived because it’s an intense sport. Finding a good boxing club is as easy as going to your local PCYC Club.
  • Futsal is growing in Australia. The popularity behind futsal is down to its five-a-side, played indoors on a smaller sized football pitch. A high energy ball sport that allows players to improvise is fueling its popularity with Australians.
  • Parkour is an innovative urban gymnastics program and a terrific way to get fit while having a fun time. Movements involving vaulting, climbing and rolling (amongst many others) are sure to build all-over muscle tone and give kids a great cardio workout to boot.