Recycling building lives

Turning old material into new furniture is paying off for indigenous young offenders in Bourke.

PCYC Bourke youth case manager Senior Constable Jenah Auld developed a program involving local young offenders to detour them from crime and encourage school attendance.

The program called “Tip it!” also aims at giving the troubled youth, skills in building and construction.

Once a week Senior Constable Auld collects the young offenders and takes them to the local TAFE where, together, they build new items from old materials collected from the tip.

These items are then donated to the community.

The program has proved positive over the 19 weeks, with none of the participants re-offending since starting the program.

One young offender in particular who was on an expulsion from the local high school, has been able to be re integrated in to school, by attending  the program and showing positive and good behaviour.

Senior Constable Auld said participants recently had an opportunity to Exhibit some of their work in the Bourke Show and entered seven pieces of “up-cycled” furniture.

“It was great to see the boys really take ownership of the items and pleasing to see them win a number of prizes for their entries,” she said.

“Members of the community have also expressed interest and asked for certain items to be made to order.”


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