We are saddened to alert that someone is calling people in Bourke and Sydney with a message that “the government has pulled the funding they have promised Bourke, Walgett and Dubbo, so can you please donate to PCYC”.

PCYC, want to ensure and get the word out, that this is not the case, and that these calls are not from PCYC or any authorised parties.

If anyone receives these calls please ask some questions to get more details of the perpetrator. Questions such as:

  • Can you confirm your name please?
  • Can you confirm who you work for?
  • What is your contact number I can call you back on?

Please report this to the Police immediately with your findings.

In spite of this, we do have an authorised telemarketing partner who is One Contact. They will not be cold calling regarding this funding.  We are a charity empowering young people and we do need to sustain donations to allow our mission-focused activities to be funded.

We are deeply upset about this as it undermines our charitable purpose and our brand.

Please pass the word onto your family and friends to be cautious about these phone calls.