We pride ourselves on finding the right people for our staff that suit our core values, including our volunteers and venue users. See our friendly team below:

Club Manager

Leann Tibbey

Youth Case Managers

Senior Constable, Annie Knight
Senior Constable, Lance Van Zon

Our Team Members

Ethan Smith – Gym/Fitness Manager & Personal Trainer

Teresa Simonka – Traffic Education Coordinator, Gymnastics Instructor

Yvonne Jones – Administration Officer

Jono Buckley – School Holiday Activities Officer

Alison McKinstry – Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Amanda Barendregt – Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Melissa Fisher – Gymnastics Instructor

Jeff Swan – Head Boxing Instructor

Tom Godkin – Judo Instructor

Terry Rae – Music Instructor

Jonathan Tow – Japanese Swordsmanship Instructor

Our Volunteers

Barbara Wagstaff

Geoff Clarke

Paul Hazell

Kyle Silk-Jones

Shannon Boyd (come check his murals)