October School Holidays Are Coming  

Every kid looks forward to their next school holiday break. The October break is surely one of the most enjoyable because the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer.

We know that keeping your children active as well as engaged during the school holidays can be a tricky task – that’s why PCYC NSW created our School Holiday Activities and our OOSH Vacation Care programs.

Every single PCYC club in NSW is offering special activities during these October school holidays. PCYC will make sure your kids are not only active but are also entertained over the coming break. The offerings do differ from club to club – it’s best to check directly with your local club to what they will be running.

Broadly speaking the school holidays offerings all fall under one of these two different programs:

1. School Holiday Activities – sports, games & creative activities

2. OOSH Vacation Care – crafts, education/learning & excursions

Please note every club offers either School Holiday Activities or OOSH  Vacation Care – or some can offer both. Check with your club to see what they offer. 

Some benefits of having active kids over the break include:


Bust Boredom

No parent wants to see their kids getting restless or spending too much time on their screens. But it’s not easy to come up with different activities to get them out of the house, especially for working parents. Places like PCYC provide programs so that there is less pressure on parents during school holidays. The programs we offer are specially designed to keep your children engaged and active – so there won’t be any time to get bored.

Health and Well-being

Experts recommend that kids over the age of six get one-hour of physical activity every day. That’s not always easy to achieve – especially during the holidays. We make sure that the children are having so much fun with our equipment and activities that they don’t even realise they are exercising! Our holiday programs are also a fantastic opportunity for learning and can assist in developing your children’s balance and focus, improve their self-esteem and hone their social skills.


At PCYC, we cater for primary school and high school age students (boys and girls). If you’re not sure what activity to put your child in the long term, this is also an excellent opportunity for them to try before you commit to the regular course over the school term.

If you’re interested, visit our website https://www.pcycnsw.org.au/activities/school-holiday-programs/ or contract your local club for more details.