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Campbelltown PCYC gymnastics team headed to Nations of Origin tournament

Campbelltown PCYC gymnastics team headed to Nations of Origin tournament

Seven young gymnasts are headed to Newcastle this week to take part in the PCYC NSW Nations of Origin program.

Campbelltown PCYC's Daphne Ah-Ki, Alex Petrie, Emily Allen, Charlize Tonna, Jenara Walters, Amina Khalil and Ishaa Sadanandan will be among the almost 1500 young people from across the state competing in gymnastics, basketball, netball, rugby league and Football 5s.

This marks the first year gymanstics has been included in the program, which requires behavioural and school attendance standards, and cultimates in the multi-sports tournament.

The kids will represent their families, communities and Indigenous Nations with pride at Nations of Origin, which was created in consultation with Aboriginal communities across NSW to celebrate the country's diverse Indigenous culture and its deep impact on our history and stories.

Campbelltown PCYC gymnastics coach Aleaha Faron said this was an excellent opportunity for the girls.

"All participants within this team are relatively new to the sport," she said.

"They have been training for the last couple of years for TeamGym but due to COVID-19 they were unable to actually get out there and compete.

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(* Please note the 2022 PCYC Nations of Origin tournament was postpone this year due to severe floods and weather events across NSW. It will be rescheduled to run in October 2022.)