Nations of Origin 2019

As we gear up for this year’s NAIDOC Week (7th- 14th July 2019) the momentum is also gathering for PCYC NSW’s Nations of Origins 2019 program.

To refresh you on NAIDOC Week – it’s an annual series of events open to all Australians – which celebrates the culture and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

NAIDOC Week provides an excellent opportunity to promote reconciliation across Australia every year.

To support the reconciliation movement, PCYC NSW created Nations of Origin 7 years ago. This unique initiative combines sport, education, leadership programs and cultural aspects, and today is the largest Aboriginal youth sporting event in NSW.

PCYC expects over 1,000 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth participants this year. Participants form teams focused around the different traditional local Aboriginal nations across NSW. The teams or “Nations” is this case, wear team uniforms adorned with the totems of their Nation. The various Nations around NSW can be found on our website.

This connection with the cultural identity of each Nation provides a unique opportunity for non-Aboriginal young people to learn about the local Aboriginal culture and history of the area they live in and helps to foster a better understanding and kinship between local cultures.

Nations of Origin isn’t just about sport – it also facilitates activities based around reconciliation, cultural identity and education.

PCYC NSW created the event not only to support NAIDOC Week but also forms a part of our commitment to reconciliation as well as to be an active listener and responder to the voices of Aboriginal people and especially Aboriginal youth.

Last year PCYC surveyed some participants to gauge their experiences with Nations of Origin – this is a tactic to carry out PCYC’s focus on researching the impact of youth empowerment initiatives.

To discover how highly the event was rated and how the reconciliation message was received, as well as if they would recommend Nations to their friends and family, we surveyed two teams at the event using both paper-based and digital survey methods.

Of the 205 youth who completed a survey, 100% said they would recommend Nations of Origins to their friends and family. Making a positive future together was the top choice for what reconciliation means to youth. See more 2018 survey results here.

As PCYC NSW CEO, Dominic Teakle said about Nations of Origins, “It is a great example of how PCYC is empowering our young people through education, sport and reconciliation.”

For information on how you can get involved head to our Nations of Origins section here.

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