Manage your membership on your terms

Our members’ portal allows PCYC members and customers to manage their membership experience on their terms. Whether it’s making bookings, purchasing a visit pass or simply updating your contact information, our portal gives you control over your membership.

Some of the online services Active Carrot provides include:

• Buy/Renew memberships
• Buy/Renew visit passes
• View your Visit Pass expiry date and how many visits you have remaining
• Book into programs and activities
• View and book our facilities (courts, meeting spaces, etc)
• Update your contact details
• Save time lining up!

If you had signed up online

1. Visit the login page
2. Enter your username (your email address)
3. Enter the password you had created
4. Select your club

If you had signed up at your local club

1. Visit the login page
2. Enter your username (email address)
3. Enter “PCYC” as the password
4. You will be sent a retrieval code via SMS and email
5. Enter the retrieval code then create a password
6. Select your club

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