Membership Fees Coming into Effect January 1 2018

Dear Members,

Over the last 13 years, PCYC Marrickville has been one of the most fortunate clubs, providing free membership to all community members whom use our facility. We pride ourselves being the only club in NSW to not charge for membership, thus providing access to the diverse community whom uses our facility.

In order to be more economically sustainable for the future, PCYC Marrickville will align our club membership cost to the same as the 64 clubs across the state. All junior memberships will be $10 (u18) and senior memberships $20 (over 18). This fee will provide membership and access to our great club for a year and enable our Not-for-Profit Organisation to keep our subsidised and free programs going for our local youth and Police led programs.

All members who have joined in 2017 will not be charged until renewal time in 12 months from the start of the membership.

Anyone whom enters the facility for private hire, PCYC programs and activities, venue user programs etc, will need to be a registered and active member.

We encourage you to register now to become a member:

For any enquirers, please direct them to management on 9559 7722.

Kind regards
Pippa Algar
Club Manager

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