Life skills boxing can teach us

Boxing training requires heart, skills and determination. Boxing involves techniques and follows the principles of sportsmanship, as well as teaching participants about life.


5 life skills we can learn from boxing

Lesson number one

You’ll learn all about balance. By creating a solid foundation, it helps you grounded. As a boxer, when you keep your balance, you are strong, and it will be difficult for anything to knock you down. If you take this idea with you into your daily life it means when you keep your balance and you lead a balanced life, even the hardest times won’t knock you down.

Lesson number two

It’s okay to take a hit every now and then. Getting hit in the boxing ring will hurt no matter how good of a boxer you are, and while it sounds painful, getting hit actually helps a boxer build resilience to keep going. It doesn’t matter how many *hits* you take in life – financial, mental, physical or emotional, learning how to handle them is what builds character. Boxing teaches you to come back stronger and smarter after each blow, and to toughen up for bumps still to come. The trick is not to go down.

Lesson number three

Your reactions help determine your success. In the boxing ring, while you may not be able to take control of a situation, you can control how you react. Boxing relies heavily on your reactions, if your responses are slow you will *allow* your opponent to win. Attitude is important, in both boxing and in life. The way you react to success and failure and other hardships in life define who you are. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you, boxing teaches us to stay cool under pressure.

Lesson number four

Practice and preparation go a long way. When you start out as a boxer you spend hours learning and practising – hours and hours of preparation BEFORE you even step in the ring. If you step in the ring unprepared you won’t be able to perform at your best. When we start our careers – we start at the bottom and we need to be prepared for what life throws at us. Remember in boxing and in life, the difference between winning and losing is how prepared we are.

Lesson number five

Support – it’s essential. It doesn’t matter how skilled, strong or confident you are, you still need support from others. In boxing, you get support from your coach and team members, the more fights you have, the more support and advice you need. Support helps you see things differently and helps keep your feet planted on the ground even if you feel like you are going to fall. Support can come from family friends or co-workers.