Keep the winter blues away with these tips

Winter is undeniably a challenge when it comes to motivation and staying active. The shorter days and the temperatures affect our moods, and the lack of sunlight depreciates our vitamin b intake.

So, we have put together some tips to help keep the blues way this winter.

Take small breaks outside during work

Sometimes we get bogged down at our desks, and many of us end up eating our breakfast AND lunch at our desks way too frequently. This is even more tempting to do in winter. But making an effort even to have your coffee outside every morning can make a difference to your mood and energy levels.

Keep your body nice and warm

“Before you start working out or even think about going outside, you should try to raise your internal body heat by doing a few stretches and even a rep or two,” recommends Caleb Backe, a certified personal trainer and wellness expert. “This is a good way to loosen up your muscles and get into the workout mindset while raising your body temperature. It gets your body prepared for the cold elements of winter.”

Alter the time of day you exercise in winter

Maybe you will find exercise easier in your lunch break during winter? Try some different options and consider developing a new routine for the winter months if you notice that one time of day is easier for you to stick to then another.

EXTRA TIP: if you do start during lunchtime workouts – make sure you pack yourself lunch the night before to avoid getting cranky after your workout when you are sorting your lunch out.

Get a winter workout buddy

Recruit a family member, your partner or a friend to join you in your winter routine.

You might find that you are more open to trying different fitness options if you have a buddy at your side too. It’s nicer working out in the cold when you have someone to chat with and share the commute to your gym with.

Try to keep remembering how you’ll feel when you’re done

As many of us know, research clearly shows that exercise can help lift your mood and can even alleviate long-term depression. This is particularly relevant during winter when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more likely to occur. Although SAD is fairly unusual in Australia, many Australians do report that they feel flat and lethargic in winter so remember how good you will feel after your winter workout session and try not to let your pre-winter routine fall to the wayside.

Do some of your workouts at home

There are many, many great workout options on youtube – you can close the windows and make it nice and warm inside and then get into a 20-minute yoga session – some light weights or even an aerobics class. All from the comfort of your own home.

It’s all about incidental exercise, skipping the bus or train from part of your daily commute can be very useful. It hardly feels like exercise when you are simply “getting home”. Try a few different routes if you are opting to walk home – there might be a more scenic route for example that avoids main roads, has less pollution in the air and might be prettier to walk through.

Join a PCYC group activity

Being active and social at the same time has many benefits – motivation being a key benefit. PCYC clubs have a broad range of group fitness activities for adults and kids alike. From martial arts activities like boxing to yoga and hip hop – enquire at your local club to find out what’s available near you.