How to build positive body image in our children

As parents, we want our children to flourish, and that means happy, healthy kids with positive body image. With governments and medical professionals giving so much attention to address the obesity epidemic, the correlation between positive body image and physical activity is positive. Helping our children become physically active from a young age by encouraging their participation in activities like sports – is how we can build positive body image in our children.

According to the World Health Organisation, children and youth should have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. The WHO makes these recommendations for all healthy children aged 5-17 years of age except for those with certain medical conditions. Physical activity can include play, games and sports. The WHO recognises that improving physical activity goes beyond the physical benefits like a healthy cardiovascular system to psychological benefits such as building self-confidence. Also, young people who are physically active are more likely to adopt other healthy behaviours. And that’s important as kids enter those turbulent teenage years.

A study titled ‘Effects of Early Sport Participation on Self-esteem and happiness featured in The Sport Journal, showed that positive early sporting experiences play an important role in the development of self-esteem. It turns out that kids who take up sport have better physical and psychological well-being as they become young adults.

There is no doubt that getting our kids active is absolutely necessary. The hardest part may be choosing from the many sports and activities available. Some traditional sports like boxing have endured over the ages because of the discipline required to take on such a demanding sport.

Many movies have portrayed the sport of boxing. The appeal of boxing is imbued with the underdog story. Think of the success of all those Rocky film sequels – no sport can excite us more. Boxing training requires dedication and discipline and finding a good boxing club is essential. Your local PCYC Club has boxing – so that’s a great place to start.


Benefits of Boxing

Boxing provides many benefits but here are the big three:

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health.
  2. Stress Relief.
  3. Build Muscle.

Let’s take a closer look at these benefits:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Just some of the benefits of improving your cardiovascular health include strengthening your heart muscle, improving your body composition and reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Stress Relief

Stress affects all people regardless of age. Physical activity is one way to alleviate stress by releasing those feel-good hormones. During boxing the mind and body work together, meaning that you stay in the present moment rather than worrying about things.

Build Muscle

Boxing involves resistance work which helps build muscle. For more significant muscle gains, supplementing your boxing training with some strength-training will help enormously.