How PCYC NSW can help your children build a positive attitude

Over the 70 + years since it was established (PCYC was formed in 1937), PCYC NSW has learnt through hands-on-experience that a fundamental aspect of fostering positive attitudes in children and young adults is through an unequivocal understanding that we as individuals all need to connect positivity with a community. We have seen, and know from empirical studies, that we need to start to build the foundations of a positive attitude or positive outlook on life, if you prefer, at an early age. One of the most important benefits of these foundations is that they can hold us up when we experience some of the inevitable challenges that life tends to offer.

A person with a positive attitude can be defined as someone who has goals of health and happiness. It’s an attitude that concentrates on positive qualities such as inner strength, love, joy and happiness.

Some of the ways we can see a positive attitude being demonstrated:

  1. Use of positive words.
  2. Belief in success.
  3. Focus on goals.
  4. Openness to constructive criticism.
  5. Willingness to help those around us.

To promote a positive attitude, organisations like PCYC NSW, our Schools as well as other local subset communities, and of course family members, should ensure they are connecting with children and youth in an approachable manner.

“Research indicates that the more exposure that adolescents have to positive resources and experiences — and where synergy between multiple settings can be established — the more likely it is that they will develop positively. Therefore, physical and institutional resources present in the social environment (for example, family supports) are just as essential for promoting positive youth development as are individual assets (such as skills, talents, and resiliency). These resources provide adolescents with routines and structure, as well as opportunities for learning, recreation, and engagement with individuals and their communities. “ *Child TRENDS  - Positive Youth Development by

PCYC NSW today is focused on empowering young people in order to grow their positive outlooks on life and that very crucial strong positive foundation we mentioned earlier.  Every staff member is committed to this cause – from the administration team at head office to the local club managers, youth case managers to the gymnastics and boxing club coaching teams.

The goal is to help young people to feel better about themselves, feeling more confident, more socially capable and above all included in a community.

Once known as the Police Boys Club, PCYC facilities today are a centre for all ages and the entire community. All the clubs offer fun, fitness and friendship, where all can enjoy a wide range of sports, arts and recreational activities, in a safe environment. There is literally something for everyone.

The release this year of Creative Kids activities has broadened the range even more of means by which children and youth can be active and connect – creatively and/or physically – and always socially.

Some programs of interest

Blue Star is a youth development and leadership program created by PCYC specifically to assist in creating “Young leaders for tomorrow” in our local communities. The program gives practical, real-life skills that young people can apply to work and family, helping them on their way to becoming great community leaders

Citizenship Program

The Blue Star Citizenship program in the first step in the leadership journey for young people at PCYC. The program introduces them to PCYC and gives them both formal and informal training opportunities. In addition to this, they get the chance to meet young people from all over NSW and form friendships to last well into the future.

What’s included:

  1. Two camps at a sport and recreation-style facility.
  2. Motivational workshops and experiential learning exercises.
  3. Recreational activities that will challenge you in both a team environment and on an individual basis.
  4. 20 hours of volunteering at your local PCYC.
  5. Facilitated learning sessions on citizenship.

“Activities for youth need to be attractive to the youth audience. This means having fun, fresh, and interactive things to do” (Morley and Rossman,1997).

For more information find your local club here.