How leadership can be learned

What’s your definition of leadership? We all view it in different ways, and it shows up in various forms, from your manager to the NSW premier. Being a good leader offers massive amounts of power, and that power comes with responsibility. Unfortunately, many modern leaders misuse their opportunity. Here at PCYC, we believe in training not just the leaders of the future, but those of the present too.

Case in point – our boxing club produced someone we all agree is an apt leader: Kaye Scott. Scotty is currently ranked third in world amateur light-weight standings, and that’s not all. Back in 2014, female boxers were allowed to participate at the Commonwealth Games for the first time. Guess who team captain was, our very own Scotty! She also blazed the trail by fighting in an exhibition fight with Ramona Stephenson. Theirs was the first women’s bout after the ban on NSW women’s boxing was lifted (October 2009).

Leading your peers

Being team captain – even for individual sports – is a sign that people look up to you and believe in you. It shows they trust your abilities, not just in your chosen sport, but overall. A lot of that comes from self-discipline. Before you can exert authority over others, you have to master it yourself. At PCYC, we offer a variety of activities which give you opportunities to develop inner fortitude. Whether it’s boxing, biking, or boating, our activities follow a regular schedule with timed sessions and skilled supervision.

Attending each of your practice sessions helps you learn consistency and time management, key leadership qualities. We teach you to support your teammates, respect your opponents, and compete without undercutting. For those who aren’t sure what their calling is yet, the variety of activities is a gift. You can try out different ones until you find your niche, whether it’s gymnastics, fencing or parkour. It’s important to identify your preference because passion builds good leaders, and you’re more likely to be passionate about something you like doing.

Doing your part

When you participate in a team sport like netball or ruby, you train for a certain position. You might play defence, or your forte might be scoring. You realise no matter how good you are in your position; you need everyone else to chip in. You might stop the other team from scoring, but unless your team has an ace shooter, kicker, or striker, the game will still end with a draw. Leadership is about teamwork.

It’s about enabling people to perform their roles, being there when they need your help, and bringing out the best in them. Sports make a great analogy for this because every position has to play well for the team to win. The same goes for the members of a band or a dance crew. Here at PCYC, we offer activities for kids and adults that will nurture and build their inner leader.

Don’t hide your abilities. Let them out and make them shine.