You can give a special gift that will benefit thousands of children and youth at-risk

The PCYC NSW is asking for lovers of the Environment and Water to help us create over 100,000 litres of new water and save more than two tonnes of plastic water bottles. We need your help to commence this urgent eco-project. The starting costs are $55,000.

Project: Replace aged Club water facilities and set up new regional Clubs with sustainable eco-friendly services.

There are thousands of children like Sam who need to access fresh drinking water at PCYC Club’s every week. We greatly appreciate any gift that you are able to provide at this time.


Project Goals:

1. Create 100,000 new litres of fresh drinking water in drought-stricken areas.
2. Together, save more than two tonnes of plastic water waste.

$55 helps to provide the installation of accessible water facilities in Clubs that need them most
$102 will help to deliver new hydropanel services to children experiencing severe drought conditions
$358 can help to support a Water Wise educational activity to children and youth at-risk within our facilities
$1500 is the cost to provide a new water bubbler into a PCYC facility

Sam is a budding primary school gymnast who loves to do backflips and tumble turns. Her friends like to challenge her with handstand competitions to see who can remain upside down using their arms for the longest. Sam’s PCYC Club is in Walgett, a small regional town experiencing urgent Level 5 water restrictions in north-western NSW. Sam’s local reservoir is currently at less than 25 per cent capacity, and so she and her friends are encouraged to bring their bottles of chilled water from home and sip them sparingly throughout their lesson.

Lester Stump, responsible for managing the PCYC Club’s state-wide water resources is continually searching for better ways to ensure each Club has a sustainable eco-friendly future. “I have been searching for a practical water solution for our new Walgett facility in north-western NSW. This town’s water needs are serious. During our building phase, we’ll need to consider the impact of our need for water on the local community. I have now found a viable solution.” Lester explains. “I believe we will begin to have a lasting impact on our environmental footprint when we can install several hydro-panels on to our Club’s rooftop.”

Hydro-panels, are similar in appearance to solar panels, however, they harvest the sun as well as the air to create clean drinking water by extracting water vapour out of the atmosphere. Just like solar panels, they use solar power to heat up a solid surface area, except hydro-panels then produce large-scale condensation, creating a water flow that is mineralised and placed in an ozonator, where it can be channelled to a nearby tap ready for drinking.

“It is our aim” Lester explains, “to get our PCYC community excited about all of the possibilities these new hydro-panels can deliver to our regional Clubs located in dry and dusty towns, and to our metro centres too. Soon we will be able to independently create over 100,000 litres of new fresh drinking water”.

Together it is our aim at PCYC to create 100,000 litres of new fresh drinking water for children experiencing drought conditions, and as a result, reduce our plastic footprint by saving more than two tonnes of plastic bottle waste.

I ask that you give a generous gift to empower youth at-risk today.



If you prefer you can call 1800 777 292 (1800 77 PCYC) or send your cheque or money order made payable to PCYC NSW Ltd at PCYC PO Box 595 WHALAN NSW 2770.

Thank you for your continued support of PCYC and for empowering young people.
Kindly note, the names of children used have been modified to ensure privacy.