You can give a special gift that will benefit thousands of children and youth at-risk

The PCYC NSW has been investing in the development of young people for more than 83 years. We invest in young people to improve their social, health and wellbeing outcomes, so they can reach their full potential and thrive as strong and resilient adults.

We believe that investing in the youth of today; we are nurturing capable and resilient leaders of tomorrow, which create strong and resilient communities… a community near you.

Project: To set up citizenship programs in our communities.

Every day, a young person within your community is falling through the opportunity gaps, unnoticed.

Experiencing disabling disadvantage, generational trauma, access barriers, instability in the home, contact with police, or disconnection with school; their long-term outcomes are poor. We urge you to help make a difference. By providing a gift, you help us level the playing field. So that as young people move into adulthood, their challenges become opportunities for greatness rather than barriers to progress.

Your support will enable us to:

  1. Provide opportunities for vulnerable youth. For many young people, opportunities to complete education and gain employed is fraught with challenges. Lack of means, strong role models and stability leave many young people failing to thrive as they move into adulthood.
  2. Reduce crime and offending. Young people in our communities are unnecessarily becoming victims and perpetrators of crime. Partnering with NSW Police Youth Command, our diversionary programs interrupt offending by young people and empower them to make healthier life choices and behaviours.With your donation, we can deliver vital diversionary activities to at-risk and offending young people across the state, which re-engage them in education and employment, reduce crime in local communities, and keep young people out of the justice system. Your donation helps create safer communities.
  3. Create the leaders of tomorrow. Today, youth are exposed to unprecedented levels of information, messaging and media. Navigating this terrain can be confusing and isolating, and has led to poorer mental health, wellbeing and confidence outcomes. PCYC’s citizenship and leadership programs equip young people with the capacity and skills to be strong, confident and resilient adults.With your donation, we can support young people to grow in confidence, contribution and courage, so they are active in life and participate in their communities in healthy and meaningful ways.

As the community and global leaders of tomorrow, our youth need your support to help them thrive…





If you prefer you can call 1800 777 292 (1800 77 PCYC) or send your cheque or money order made payable to PCYC NSW Ltd at PCYC PO Box 595 WHALAN NSW 2770.

Thank you for your continued support of PCYC and for empowering young people.