You can give a special sporting gift that will benefit thousands of children and youth at-risk

The PCYC NSW is asking for lovers of Sport to help us get over 15,000 pieces of new community sporting equipment to support children and youth at-risk. We need your help to commence this urgent Christmas project. The starting costs are $78,000.

Project: Replace old and worn Club sporting equipment in low socio-economic areas.

There are thousands of children like Jo who need to access quality community sporting equipment at PCYC Club’s every week. We urge you to give the special gift of a new ball to communities experiencing hardship this Christmas. We greatly appreciate any gift that you are able to provide today.


Project Goals:

1. Source 15,000 pieces of new community sporting equipment to support youth programs which benefit children at-risk
2. Together, ensure that $78,000+ is raised to provide new sporting equipment where it is needed most

$47 helps to provide two new basketballs for children training in the Blacktown Savannah Pride program
$102 will help to deliver new table tennis and badminton equipment for local community use
$358 can help to support an active sporting educational activity, such as footsal, to children and youth at-risk within our facilities
$1500 is the cost to provide a new basketball ring in a regional location

Jo is a young boy living in government supported housing near Bidwell. After months of practicing his dribbling and defensive drills on his cracked concrete driveway at the rear of his multi-unit complex, he was finally accepted on to the Savannah Pride junior league team at the PCYC Club in Blacktown.

Jo understands that PCYC’s basketball program may be his big chance. He has seen firsthand how young men a little older than himself have been given scholarships to attend leading universities in the USA after being selected by international talent scouts during their local games.

However, being good at basketball isn’t the only skill Jo needs.

He knows that he must improve his school marks, particularly in maths, if he wants to make it on to the senior team. Often, Jo finds himself struggling to focus when completing his homework in the afternoons, as being a part of a large and busy family means he has a lot of household responsibilities caring for his sister and two brothers.

Jo is surprised that the basketballs they’ve been using at PCYC’s afternoon training look old and worn. Some of them don’t have much grip left. However, he appreciates that he is lucky to be a part of this unique program, and so he keeps himself focused on what it is going to take for him to succeed.





If you prefer you can call 1800 777 292 (1800 77 PCYC) or send your cheque or money order made payable to PCYC NSW Ltd at PCYC PO Box 595 WHALAN NSW 2770.

Thank you for your continued support of PCYC and for empowering young people.
Kindly note, the names of children used have been modified to ensure privacy.