Grant from ANZ Bank helps Griffith PCYC’s financial literacy program

GRANT: Senior Constable Alex Davies is presented a cheque by Loretta Calabria from ANZ Bank to fund a financial literacy program at Griffith PCYC.

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A vital life skill is being taught to teenagers at the PCYC thanks to a grant from ANZ Bank.

The financial literacy program aims to equip young people with basic budgeting skills through a simulation of real-world conditions.

Each of the students were given a $500 per week budget and told to find an affordable house and car within their budget.

The students also had to go to supermarket websites and fill a virtual trolley with their week’s worth of groceries.

Once the regular expenses like power, phone, water, rent and loan repayments were factored in, students then pulled an envelope from a box to see what other events happened in their scenario.

Some students pulled overtime and got a boost to their budget while others faced a dentist’s bill or speeding fine.

With the remaining money, students then got to roll the dice to see what it would be spent on. For some it goes into savings, others would spend it on entertainment.

The program gave students a much-needed skill, according to Senior Constable Alex Davies from the PCYC.

“I think it’s needed everywhere,” Senior Constable Davies said.

“I don’t remember my parents teaching me how to budget, I think my parents never showed me any of their finances, they kept it to themselves.

“I only started doing my own budget once I was married.”

The casual environment created within Senior Constable Davies’ classroom helped the students learn the vital, but potentially boring, subject.

“It’s not the most interesting topic but we try to make it fun,” he said.

The 12-month course is accompanied by a series of shorter courses dealing with domestic violence.

“The Love Bites program talks about domestic violence, how to deal with it and what support services are out there,” Senior Constable Davies said.

Senior Constable Davies thoroughly enjoyed his work and the ability to make a positive difference with young people.

“This is the best job in Griffith, the work’s not stressful,” he said. “I love it.”


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