Espresso yourself: Girls learn all about a barista’s daily grind

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WATCH AND LEARN: Martin Cummings (Central West Courses) imparts all of his wisdom on Samara Parsons and Nardi Sullivan during Tuesday’s barista course.

FLAT whites, cappuccinos and latte macchiatos.

If you’re from Orange, coffee is a religion preached by many at least once every single morning, and this week eight young girls have been brushing up on their espresso making skills thanks to the Orange PCYC’s Full Cup program.

Designed to give young girls the chance to experience employment, Senior Constable Justine Treglown believes the program has been a wonderful experience for the willing participants.

“It’s been great for them,” she said, the course run for girls 16 years of age or older.

“We had a tour of north Orange [McDonald’s] today and the manager helped the girls find our what is expected of them during a job interview and different things like that.

“It’s been run all week for them and I think the girls have come a long way.”

The girls participated in a hygiene course and learnt the finer art of making espresso coffee, thanks to Central West Courses, on Tuesday, enjoyed a tour of north Orange McDonald’s yesterday before today opening their own PCYC cafe to put their espresso making skills to the test.

The students will then be put through a nutrition presentation on Friday to wrap up the course.


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