Education and Care Relief Package Frequently Asked Questions


When will the are Free Child Care arrangements set to occur?
The new changes will be backdated to 23rd March 2020.

Is my family eligible for Free Child Care?
The fully subsidised child care is applicable for all parents. However, PCYC will be required to prioritise care to essential workers, vulnerable and disadvantaged children, and previously enrolled children.

If I re-instate my bookings does my child need to attend to access free care?
No, you can re-instate your bookings but continue to have absent days and the free fee will still apply.

Do I need to sign in/out on arrivals and departures?
Parents signing in and signing out is still required.

Should I expect a Fee Statement?
Parent statements are still a requirement to and will continue to be issued to families.

How many absent days of care am I entitled to during this time?
The prior announcement around the increase in allowable absences from 42 to 62 is still applicable.

My child attended OOSH but I cancelled their booking, if I re-enrol am I able to get a subsidy prior to 6 April?
Services can waive the gap fee for all families (including ceased families) back to the 23rd March 2020.

I have had other Child Care subsidies in place before this announcement, will I still receive them?
These payments are made in lieu of any Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy.

I normally pay through IpayiPay, will my bank account be continued to be charged?
If you are using iPay for direct debit payments, PCYC will disable family payments so they are not charged during this time.

If my child needs to increase days can this happen?
Speak to the service about to see if they can accommodate an increase in days.

Is the gap fee being waived for ALL children, regardless of the services being open or closed?
Service must be open for the gap fee to be waived and receive the new relief package. Services that have been advised to close by Public Health will be able to waive the gap fee as previously advised.

What happens with families who are not working?  Will they be required to pay for care or will the gap fee also be waived for them?
This is for all children regardless of circumstances, . for For the duration of the relief package families are not to be charged fees.

What about new enrolments? Can families still enrol if their child has not attended care?
Yes, new enrolments will still be accepted, but accepting these new enrolments is at the discretion of the service.


PCYC NSW will continue to operate all our OOSH services across 20 locations within NSW.  To find your nearest PCYC OOSH service please visit or make contact with your local OOSH Coordinators to enrol your child.