Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious

Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious

Who says that eating healthy foods must be boring and uninspiring? Especially in the summer months, it can be quite refreshing to get in some fresh fruits and vegetables; both for your body and your palette! This post will explore smoothie and salad ideas for those summer foods to inspire the healthy summer you deserve.


1.  Strawberry Raspberry Mango Smoothie

It’s hard to go wrong with this combination. The summer berries add a zingy tartness, while the mango is super sweet and creates a creamy texture when its flesh is whipped up in the blender. No sugar is needed here; just ice and water, or coconut water if it is available for a richer taste. Let the natural sweetness of the fruit suffice.

2.  Choco Avocado Smoothie

It sounds so simple, yet it is so yummy. Avocados are very rich and creamy and when blended with ice, make for a really thick smoothie. Plus, they are full of protein and healthy fats. Yet they do not have too much of a flavour on their own and so they are the perfect base for a chocolatey goodness taste. Adding raw cacao will give a decadent chocolate flavour, while adding some more health benefits, like boosting immunity, promoting heart health, and reducing inflammation. You can add some wholesome almond milk for a milkshake feel, or some raw honey for extra sweetness and antioxidants.

3.  Summer Salad

Fresh fruits make a salad pop. They make the dish look quite beautiful and appetizing to eat as well. With a typical base of lettuce, add some summer veggies like cucumber, capsicum, green beans and watercress.  Then choose one or two of your favourite summer fruits, like cherries, pineapples, or strawberries to toss on top. A balsamic vinaigrette gets its creaminess from mustard, rather than heavy dairy and will go perfectly with this dish.

4.  Grill Summer Salad

For a more savoury take on combining the best of summer’s veggies, add grilled vegetables on top of the salad as the star ingredients. Grilled zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, and capsicum go beautifully on top of a crisp salad of lettuce, tomato, and onion. For a third texture and an element of creaminess, add some Hass avocado slices. The veggies should ideally be grilled with a recommended oil like olive oil or coconut oil, and for the most refreshing take, cooked ahead of time and pre-refrigerated.


Supplement with Exercise

Eating a healthy diet must be coupled with exercise for full health effects. The two just simply go hand-in-hand. When you eat well, but don’t get your blood pumping and don’t build muscles to support your body, you will only feel half as good as you should. When you exercise properly, you will feel even better with a revitalizing smoothie or salad afterwards. You will feel your hard work hasn’t been in vain by mitigating it with junk food. Also, you will probably be craving such freshness after a work-out session. For a fun way to exercise and improve your overall health, try Boxing Club Sydney or Gymnastics Club Sydney at PCYC.