Don’t forget your 2nd Active Kids voucher

From the 1st July 2019, parents, guardians and carers can apply for the second $100 Active Kids voucher. This NSW Government initiative is helping kids across NSW to get active with the Active Kids program.

The Active Kids program provides not one but two $100 vouchers for parents, carers and guardians school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation fees each year. Voucher 1 is valid January through to December and Voucher 2 is valid July to December.

The fine print

A voucher can only be used:

  • once (if the costs for your chosen activity are less than $100, the remaining balance is forfeited and can’t be used)
  • during the calendar year that it’s issued in
  • for the person who is named on the voucher
  • for registration/membership fees with an approved Active Kids provider.

A voucher can’t be:

  • split between more than one provider or registration (which means if you don’t use the full $100 any remaining amount will not be used)
  • used for individual items (like socks or boots)
  • used for the same activity within the same term as another Active Kids voucher
  • redeemed for cash.

Apply for your second voucher here.

To use the voucher, pass the details on to your local PCYC club.

Some activities on offer at PCYC NSW

PCYC’s portfolio of activities is very varied and is being updated all the time! Some of our activities on offer include basketball, archery, boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, dancing, soccer and fencing. This year many of the clubs are also adding yoga to their timetables due to popular demand.

Please note the activities on offer vary from club to club, to find out more about what’s on offer at your club you visit their individual club site. Click on the club’s activities icon or simply call the club for more information.