Creative Kids in Focus

This year the NSW Government has introduced the Creative Kids rebate program, a one-off voucher worth $100 to assist school-aged children to take part in creative and cultural activities.

The NSW Government has excellent reasons to invest in the creativity of children. According to the Department of Jobs and Small Business, creativity is rated as one of the most important transferable skills needed for the jobs of the future. As well, Austrade recognises the immense value of a thriving creative industry. The government website states that “Creativity is key to innovation, driving sustainability and prosperity.” It goes on to say that creativity and innovation have helped Australia to have 22 years of uninterrupted economic growth.

The Creative Kids rebate program is a wonderful opportunity to let children learn new skills and discover their passion. The PCYC NSW is an approved provider of the program and offers several activities. These activities include Music, Language, Arts & Crafts, Coding, Dance, Parkour, Circus, Singing and Photography, to name just a few. Just check with your local club to see what’s on offer as the activities vary between clubs. 

Read on for a closer look at some of the most popular Creative Kids activities available.


Parkour is an activity that is relatively recent and is gaining popularity. Parkour pronounced ‘par-kur’ is a high energy activity which will build all over strength. This activity includes movements similar to a military obstacle training course. Movements can consist of running, climbing, vaulting and jumping. Think Spiderman-type-of-moves. For an alternative all over body strengthening activity – consider joining the gymnastics club at your local PCYC.

Arts & Crafts

Getting kids involved in arts & crafts can develop skills that you may not expect like: helping boost their self-esteem, developing their fine motor skills, and driving innovation. There is some research that looked at the correlation between arts and crafts and a Nobel prize. The finding was that Nobel prize-winning scientists were more likely to have a craft or artistic hobby compared to the average scientist.


With millions of students learning to code all over the world, coding is teaching sophisticated life skills. Some reasons why kids should learn to code include: coding encourages innovation, get kids thinking creatively and builds confidence. The benefits can even extend over to subjects like maths and reading. Coding teaches essential life skills like problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.


Experience spectacular creative feats with circus training skills. Skilled performers can put on entertaining shows with acrobatics, dancing, hooping, magic, and juggling, to name a few. The contemporary circus relies almost entirely on human skills, meaning that a lot of artistry goes into circus performance. An emphasis on core stabilisation and building strength is necessary to perform most of the awe-inspiring acts.