PCYC Youth Campus is an Alternative Education Program.



PCYC Youth Campus is an Alternative Education Program providing a meaningful year 10 experience. Supported by Catholic Care, PCYC Youth Campus offers a creative and innovative educational journey. An integrated program consisting of the above 4 components and individual care planning, the program focuses on the personal development & self-empowerment of young people. The program is offered three days a week and provides opportunity for young people to re-engage with their learning pathways in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

The Rite Journey

Discovering rites of passage and exploring the magic of who you truly are.

Belvior Theatre

Integrative learning through fun, challenging and creative drama projects that help you find your true voice.

Creative Arts

Learning through a wide array of artistic group and individual projects that explore your creativity and self expression.

Business Cert II

Learning practical and transferable skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.