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Boxing strategy tips

You may not know it until you start boxing training, but there are different ‘types’ of boxing. Some boxers are more focused on fitness, so... Read more

Tips for keeping the family fit over the holidays

Christmas – for some of us it can be a time of excess. We spend too much money, we buy too many gifts and unfortunately, we also eat too much food.... Read more

Why boxing is for everyone

PCYC Clubs are known for their reputation. PCYC NSW is held in high esteem and is known as the largest youth organisation that works hand in hand... Read more

Tips for organising your kids after school activities

It’s funny how when our children are born, we tell ourselves we are NOT going to load our children up with after-school activities, but, before we... Read more

Life skills boxing can teach us

Boxing training requires heart, skills and determination. Boxing involves techniques and follows the principles of sportsmanship, as well as teaching... Read more

Power in partnerships

PCYC NSW was proud to present the GWS GIANTS with a framed memento recognising the achievement of the largest Boxercise ™ class with 592... Read more

Ten psychological and social benefits of sport

Whether you join a boxing club in a city or cycle through the outback, sports offer numerous advantages, both at individual and group levels. Sports... Read more

A closer look at our martial arts and boxing programs

Working out improves your health and body image, but going to the gym every day can get a little dull. Each piece of equipment is designed to... Read more

Six benefits of sports for your children

Organised sports for children is a great way to get your kids active, healthy and fit. From boxing training to football training there are many... Read more

Great sports to get your children involved in this winter

Getting kids active in sports, as well as playing sports all year round, is important. It helps your children stay fit and healthy; it gives them a... Read more
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