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Benefits of Yoga

Even the briefest of yoga sessions can restore your inner calm and tranquility which many of us find helpful to offset our hectic lifestyles. Longer... Read more

Why our kids should be exercising more and how to get them moving

As a nation we have become very sedentary, and our health is suffering. We can create a better future for the next generation by helping them... Read more

Psychological Benefits of Gymnastics

With ancient Greek origins, the sport of gymnastics is known for combining strength with flexibility performed in an artistic manner. Gymnastics... Read more

Lauren Mitchell – an Australian Gymnastic Champion

The world champion can get thrown around a lot these days. The dictionary defines a champion as one who excels all others. Lauren Mitchell is an... Read more

2019 is the year for change – how the NSW Active Kids Rebate can help

The arrival of a new year brings hope and the chance to make a fresh start. You can make 2019 the year for change. How? The Active Kids Rebate can... Read more

What your children can gain from PCYC

We all want good things for our children. We’d like them to discover their talents, succeed in their pursuits, and live a happy life. We’d also... Read more

How to build positive body image in our children

As parents, we want our children to flourish, and that means happy, healthy kids with positive body image. With governments and medical professionals... Read more

School holiday activities offered by PCYC

The school holidays always seem to come around before you know it. Finding the perfect school holiday activity for the kids tends to take lots of... Read more

Why boxing should be on your New Year’s Resolutions list

Each day we get closer and closer to Christmas, it’s that time of the year when we attend lots of parties, exchange gifts and often over-eat, not... Read more
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