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One of our lucky PCYC Lottery winners

PCYC received a great email from Jennifer (pictured above) after she was one our lucky lottery winners:

“Just wanting to let you know that I picked up the car last Saturday and my original excitement of finding out I had won third prize in the lottery returned.
“The excitement began after I was checking my numbers in the email notification of the draw back in August. I had to get my husband to check as I wasn’t sure I had read the email correctly.
“The phone call the next day confirmed everything. My friends and family couldn’t believe that people actually do win prizes.
“I buy tickets from time to time, but never really think about the prizes as I’m happy to just help support the great work that PCYC do with helping young people.
“I never expected to win anything and a major prize is even more exciting. I’m very grateful that this has happened to me. Thank you so much PCYC.”

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